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Friday, June 23, 2006

The New World Order.

The US has kicked everybody's posterior and is the only super power. They humor the French, tommy the Brit leadership (besides making fun of their teeth/dentist and fancying the accent) and lead the world. What I don't get is, why get judges for TV shows from across the pond only to humiliate oneself?
First it was Simon Cowell and now Piers Morgan (former editor of London Daily Mirror and now judge for America's Got Talent). Coincidently, Simon Cowell is also the executive producer of the new TV show America's Got Talent.

Being an Indian I wonder how can I contribute to the US besides taking support calls, write geeky code (nothing to do with Da Vinci Code), contribute to Social Security and never use it, and provide a comic accent only to be made fun of.

Image source: USA Today