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Thursday, June 22, 2006


The title was the toughest to come up with. But, what is going on with today? Wedding, marriage, rental, divorce everything at one go in marital world. I know this is one of those rare postings I had never expected I would do but, I am.

OK, so here is a situation where the world is in a dilemma, Shakespeare is twisting and twitching in his grave with the question - to do or not to do and Howie Mandel is cursing do or no do. Still wondering what I am talking about then here it is - Will Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ever marry? I had never thought I would post anything about this "global issue" but I fell into the trap of this heading, which flew right into my face.

My question, do they really need to? I mean, Angelina has been married twice in the past and Brad once and they both seem to be happy with each other, doing everything that they want like adopting the world, saving the world and more (Sounds like The Incredibles, eh?). The media seems more worried about their wedding then the couples themselves. Why is the media so girlie about this? There are thousands who are living in a blissful companionship and others in their marital bliss; what is the problem people? It is not like they need any tax break.

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