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Thursday, June 22, 2006

What if your rental car wanted to stay with you?

Wondering what kind of question is that? How, why, what, WTF?

Well, as we all know our world revolves around two words demand and supply. Here is a current issue. In the state of Gujrat, India where there has been a sudden steep drop in the sex ratio (oh no, people are still having plenty of sex; remember, India has over billion people.) with the fairer sex in high demand the curtain of tradition/culture/hypocrisy has been dropped to accommodate "rental" wives. As funny and ridiculous you might find this; it is true! Yes, wife for rent.

And who said the upper castes could not engage with lower caste. When the "need" of the hour knocks on the door, we got to do what we got to do - RENT! The monthly rent being astronomical INR 8000 = ~ $180 a month. Oh and one can rent a different wife next month and another thing these wives are already married but available as rental "wife" and happily too. Don't believe me, check out here.

This is an example how human societies have evolved/turmoiled over the ages and adapted itself to changing circumstances. Does this ring the bells of polygamy?
Why not make polygamy legal?

PS: Will this make prostitution Pay as you go?
PPS: I think the PS came out quite immaturely. The two can not be compared. IMHO the rental part is a social evolution, which eventually will transform into polyandry. And, at the same time this could be the first step towards a matriarchial society (??).